eSIM, Smartphone Will Doesn’t Need a SIM Card


SIM card slot is expected to disappear from our smartphones

News Techno – Later, the SIM card slot is expected to disappear from our smartphones. Because, the era of eSIM (embeded SIM) will come. Era eSIM will make the existing silver SIM license SIM card directly planted in the phone modem chip. This prediction surfaced because in the mat Computex 2017 laptop manufacturers will vying to plant the SIM card on their laptops.

eSIM has been a big job in a few years. Mainly for this technology can be applied to smartphones, IoT (internet thing), and wearable. For smartphones, the use of eSIM technology is sure to be visible next year.

Samsung Gear S2 3G or Gear S3 Frontier is an example of a device that already uses this technology. This eSIM technology allows phone devices. Still out of the Computex title in Taipei, Microsoft also encourages PCs to stay connected. With eSIM, this is of course easily can be realized.

To support this idea, ASUS, Dell, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, VAIO and Xiaomi are committed to building Windows devices with eSIM. So, users no longer need to bring an additional modem for internet connection on their PC.

Previously, it was also reported that ASUS, HP, and Lenovo have committed to release Windows devices running using the Snapdragon 835 chipset from Qualcomm. Maybe you can try it right away. With a remarkable performance fast, of course Qualcomm can be a great technology for all smartphone users.

Intel also believes their mobile modems in the future will be compatible with eSIM. Currently Intel calls them to test and validate eSIM. This test is performed on one of the modems that have not been released yet.

Prior to Computex, Qualcomm may have yet to preach for eSIM support for Snapdragon 835. Looking ahead agen poker terpercaya, it’s hard to remember where Qualcomm is not trying to embed eSIM on a chip for smartphones.

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