Advertiser Run Away , Youtube Tightens Content Rules

News Techno – YouTube is tightening video content types that video creators can upload on their platforms. There are a number of rules that will filter out hateful videos. Because, videos like this have made a number of advertisers on Youtube escape. These advertisers run away because their video ads appear in hateful videos. This is the concern of advertisers because it will affect the image of their products.

“We heard clearly from the community of creators and advertisers that YouTube should extend the guidelines on what kind of content is friendly to advertisers,” Ariel Bardin, VP Product Management YouTube, told TechCrunch on Friday.

Cases between YouTube, video creators and advertisers, appearing since last year. The highlight of the case came when PewDiePie, the famous YouTube star, displayed an anti-Jewish message on the video she uploaded.

As a result of that incident Disney broke his contract with PewDiePie by stopping the production of the content they are working on together. Not only Disney, a number of international companies such as AT & T, Verizon, McDonald’s, and Honda, follow-up withdraw their ads from YT, according to the Financial Times.

Prohibited YouTube video

In the new rules YouTube mentions in detail what content is inappropriate to run. For the hate category of tone, YT prohibits video content that promotes messages of discrimination, humiliation, or humiliation about SARA, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, and other discriminatory symbols.

While in the family category, YouTuber is prohibited from describing family members involved in violent, sexual, and other behaviors. The ban even applies even if used for comedy purposes only. Last point, YT content no longer carelessly uses the language of sedition, demeaning, or insulting a person or group of people.

It should also be noted that the new YT rules were created with the intention of recalling advertisers who previously blurred due to their ad spend appearing in hateful videos as described earlier.

That’s why videos with such characters will still be allowed to circulate on YouTube. However, YT will close the hate speech monetization option.

“There’s no way we can make rules that cover all possible video scenarios, we hope this additional information will be an input on content like what the advertisers do not want,” Bardin added.

Creator resistance

The new regulations invite protests from the creators. Some of them get email from YT that has marked some of their videos that are considered to violate the new YT rules.

Creators react and think YT is not as comfortable anymore. Because, once they can be free to upload whatever video they want. They then make a solidarity action in cyberspace with the tag #YoutubeIsOverParty.

However, Youtube confirms that email is a new way Youtube communicates with creators. So they know that their video is not “ad-friendly”. “We are improving our notifications and processes to ensure better communication for our content creators,” YouTube explains via email as written by Mashable.